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Blurbs for three my favourite books
1. The book blurb for "The Inseparable Twins"
One of my favourite novels is "The Inseparable Twins" by A. Pristavkin. It causes you to think about injustice to children, about really challenging situations in their lives. It is a great book about two orphan twins. They go to the Caucasus with other children from their orphanage. Twins dream about a better life. Will the Caucasus bring them happiness that they want? Will they be together forever? Will they stay in the Caucasus forever? 

2. The book blurb for "Professor Dowell's Head"
Professor Dowell's Head is an exciting 1925 science fiction novel by Russian author Alexander Belyayev. It is also one of my favourite novels. Professor Dowell and his assistant surgeon Dr. Kern are working on the resurrection of the dead. Dowell dies. Professor Dowell's head is now kept alive and used by Dr. Kern for getting some scientific secrets. Is there another llife after death? Can a human's head live separately from his body? What will happen with Dowell's head? Are there more alive heads? Can Dowell's head have the second body?

3. The book blurb for "Amphibian Man"
The second novel by Belyayev I love very much is "Amphibian Man". It is an exciting science fiction adventure novel. It was published in 1928. Argentinean doctor Salvator, a scientist and a surgeon, makes his son Ichtiander a life-saving transplant - a set of shark gills. The experiment is a success but it limits the young man's ability to interact with the world outside his ocean environment. How Ichtiander will communicate with the world? Will there be a day when Ichtiader goes out the water? Will he succeed? Are there any people who are interested in his incredible abilities?

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  1. Dasha!
    Thanks a lot for the post about your favourite books. I'm pleased that you've chosen really good books by Russian authors.
    Now to the language.
    Please, mind the following:
    Blurbs usually do not include your opinion of the books, at least not in a direct way. You can express your opinion in a indirect way, for instance, using adjectives like 'brilliant, excellent', etc.
    Blurb 1:
    1. Mind the use of articles with geographical names and to denote a particular object/situation.
    Blurb 2:
    1. 'extraction of scientific secrets' sounds too formal. Try to think of an informal equivalent.
    2. What's the difference between 'live' and 'life'? Which should be used?
    Blurb 3:
    1. Mind the tenses

    Thanks a lot for you work! Please, find some time to make your blurbs perfect!

  2. Дарья, я увлекалась Беляевым классе в 7-8. Читала запоем всё подряд. Месяцами стояла в очереди на абонементе (Вам это сейчас сложно представить, но вот так было в нашем детстве). Ещё очень понравился "Остров затонувших кораблей".

    1. А я "Человека-амфибию" прочитала еще в начальной школе, а "Голову профессора Доуэля" классе в 7-м. Планирую начать читать про Атлантиду.