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ex.1 p.63
Desription of a person
The first thing you notice about Douglas is his height. He is approximately 1.90 m but he looks taller. The next thing that strikes you about him is his amazing, impressive brown eyes.
When you first meet him, he seems rather modest and reserved but soon you realise that he is very outgoing and sociable. He has got a typical English sense of humour, he's very witty.
Of course, Douglas has his faults. He tends to be not very confident sometimes and also bites his lip, touches his hair and checks his mobile, which is a bit irritating. Douglas always has time for other people, he's especially good with contemporaries. He's brilliant in acting and telling stories.
Douglas likes dressing up and shopping for clothes. He usually wears a fashionable suit or jeans and blouses. His style is great, he dresses up as a typical englishman.
To sum up, Douglas is one of those people who get on with almost everyone and are kind to others. He's actually a very sociable, interesting and thoughtful person.

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