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Homework for holidays

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Culture Choice 2
ex.4 p.108
1) The greatest writer ever from my country is Alexander Pushkin.
2) Firstly, he's the creator of the modern literary Russian language. Secondly, he wrote a lot of masterpieces such as "Captain's Daughter ". Moreover, he also wrote some fairy tales which children know from their infancy.
3) Pushkin is very well-known abroad. I think every person will call Pushkin's name when he's asked about the greatest Russian writer.
4) Alexander Pushkin influenced on our culture very strongly. A lot of generations are brought up with his works.
5) As for me, I like Pushkin's works. My favourite masterpiece is "Captain's daughter". Pushkin's works are really interesting.

ex.6 p.108
1) Laertes wants revenge from Hamlet because Hamlet killed Laertes's father.
2) Hamlet explains all the bad things he has done to Laertes's family because of hid insanity.
3) Claudius is the real villain in the play because he killes a lot of people in the play, organises a fencing match between Hamlet and Laertes, persuades Laertes to poison his sword in order o kill Hamlet.
4) Hamlet kills Claudius because Claudius killed Hamlet's mother.
5) Hamlet and Laertes are not to blame for what they have done because Claudius is the real villain.
6)  Before dying Hamlet talks with Laertes, asks Horatio to tell everyone the truth about what happened and asks him to vote for Fortinbras.

ex.7 p. 108
1) Personally, I didn't enjoy the scene from Hamlet because I don't like tragedy, I prefer comedies which make us feel happy and pleased.
2) My favourite character is Hamlet whereas my least favourite character is evil Claudius.
3) I can think of alternative endings to the play. For example, the possible situation is when everyone recovers and stays alive and Claudius is in prison for all the bad things he has done.

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  1. Daria, there are a few typos, tenses are mixed up (past and then present), a grammar mistake (comedies makes or make?) and think about 'in prison' vs 'in the prison' - http://myefe.ru/artikli-s-sushhestvitelnymi-school-college.html