воскресенье, 2 февраля 2014 г.


You're worth it!

1. Perfume "Chanel №5" by Chanel, the most famous brand in the world, is being advertised.
Advertisers usually make the product seem attractive. One of the methods is the advert on which a famous person is showed. Audrey Tautou on the advert of Chanel makes it more attractive. Moreover, it's very important to show that a person on an advert is happy and satisfied with a product. Also advertisers put photos of young and beautiful people.

3. In Russian advertisements, unfortunately, there are some stereotypes. Advertisers also show an usual woman as a housemaid in adverts of household products especially. There's one very interesting stereorype in TV commercials: children never eat vegetables. Women are showed as really active, intelligent and wise people; men, conversely, are lazy and interested in nothing except for football. Of course, there're much more stereotypes in Russian advertisements which we face everyday.

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